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Glimpses of SharePoint 2016 on the Way

March 26, 2015

The tech world is excited for the upcoming SharePoint 2016 release. Curious parties will be glad to hear that sneak peaks will be coming this spring. Read more in the CMS Wire article, “Microsoft Leaks Offer a Glimpse of SharePoint 2016.”

The article lays out some of the details:

“Microsoft has started leaking news about SharePoint 2016 — and they suggest the company plans to showcase an early edition at Ignite, its upcoming all-in-one conference for everyone from senior decision makers, IT pros and “big thinkers” and to enterprise developers and architects. In a just released podcast, Bill Baer, senior product manager for SharePoint, said the company will offer a look at the latest version of SharePoint at the conference, which will be held in Chicago from May 4 through 8.”

Some experts have already weighed in with predictions for SharePoint 2016 features: hybrid search and improved user experience among them. Stephen E. Arnold will also be keeping an eye on the new version, reporting his findings on his dedicated SharePoint feed. He has devoted his career to all things search, including SharePoint, and keeps readers informed on his Web site Stay tuned for more updates on SharePoint 2016 as it becomes available.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 26, 2015

Stephen E Arnold, Publisher of CyberOSINT at

SharePoint’s Evolution of Ease

March 24, 2015

At SharePoint’s beginning, users and managers viewed it as a framework. It is often still referred to as an installation, and many third party vendors do quite well offering add-on options to flesh out the solution. However, due to users’ expectations, SharePoint is shifting its focus to accommodate quick and full implementation without a lengthy build-out. Read more in the CMS Wire article, “From Build It and Go, to Ready to Go with SharePoint.”

The article sums up the transformation:

“We hunger for solutions that can be quickly acquired and implemented, not ones that require building out complex and robust solutions.  The world around us is changing fast and it’s exciting to see how productivity tools are beginning to encompass almost every area of our lives. The evolution not only impacts new tools and products, but also the tools we have been using all long. In SharePoint, we can see this in the addition of Experiences and NextGen Portals.”

SharePoint 2016 is on its way and there will be addition information to leak throughout the coming months. Keep an eye on for breaking news and the latest releases. Stephen E. Arnold has made a career out of all things search, including enterprise and SharePoint, and his dedicated SharePoint feed is a great resource for professionals who need to keep up without a huge investment in research time.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 24, 2015

Stephen E Arnold, Publisher of CyberOSINT at

Accenture Makes a Big Purchase to Chase Government Clients

March 20, 2015

Accenture Federal Services (AFS) is one of the leading companies that provide technology and digital solutions for the US federal government. The parent company Accenture LLP has sought to increase its amount of federal contracts as well a products and services, so the company decided to purchase Agilex Technologies, Inc says Big News Network in “Accenture Unit To Agilex Technologies.”

” ‘Acquiring Agilex will help AFS further solidify our position as an innovative leader in the federal market. Combining our digital capabilities and agile methods will accelerate our ability to help clients harness the power of emerging digital technologies and rapid, predictable systems deployment for the federal government’s most complex challenges,’ said David Moskovitz, Accenture Federal Services chief executive.”

AFS plans to use Agilex’s technology to improve its own analytics, cloud, and mobile technology for federal organizations. Agilex, like its new owner, has worked with every cabinet-level department and federal agencies in defense, intelligence, public safety, civilian and military health organizations.

AFS will have more to offer its federal clients, but it does beg the question if it will lead to a monopoly on government contracts or increase the competition?

Whitney Grace, March 20, 2015

Stephen E Arnold, Publisher of CyberOSINT at

Vilocity 2.0 Released by Nuwave

March 17, 2015

The article on Virtual Strategy Magazine titled NuWave Enhances their Vilocity Analytic Framework with Release of Vilocity 2.0 Update promotes the upgraded framework as a mixture of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. The ability to interface across both of these tools as well as include components from both in a single dashboard makes this a very useful program, with capabilities such as exporting to Microsoft to create slideshows, pre-filter and the ability to choose sections of a page and print across both frameworks. The article explains,

“The voices of our Vilocity customers were vital in the Vilocity 2.0 release and we value their input,” says Rob Castle, NuWave’s Chief Technology Officer… The most notable Vilocity deployment NuWave has done is for the U.S. Army EMDS Program. From deployment and through continuous support NuWave has worked closely with this client to communicate issues and identify tools that could improve Vilocity. The Vilocity 2.0 release is a culmination of NuWave’s desire for their clients to be successful.”

It looks like they have found a way to make Endeca useful. Users of the Vilocity Analytic framework will be able to find answers to the right questions as well as make new discoveries. The consistent look and feel of both systems should aid users in getting used to them, and making the most of their new platform.

Chelsea Kerwin, March 17, 2014

Stephen E Arnold, Publisher of CyberOSINT at

Looker Tops $47 Million in Funding

March 12, 2015

Business intelligence, a close cousin to cyber intelligence, continues to capture venture funding attention. “BI Startup Looker Notches Up $30M Injection for Expansion” reports that Looker has more than 250 customers up from 40 in 2013. According to the write up:

The web-based Looker platform, mainly deployed in the cloud, uses proprietary SQL-based modeling language LookML and allows data analysts to give business users the ability to explore large data stores themselves instead of depending on standard reports.

The article includes this article:

“Most business intelligence is about, ‘Hey, data guy give me this set of data so that I can get an answer’. What Looker is doing is giving those data people tools they want to use – code-based tools, GitHub-integrated, all that kind of stuff – so that they can curate experiences for the business users, much like the early web developers and web masters were doing,” he [Frank Bien, CEO] said.

The service includes collaboration functions, data fusion, and an easy-to-use interface. More information about Looker is available at

Stephen E Arnold, March 12, 2015

Rocket Software Explores The UniDataVerse

December 16, 2014

Rocket Software is growing their product base and Business Wire reports that “Rocket Software’s CorVu NG Business Intelligence Product Now Works With Its UniData and UniVerse Databases.” The new CorVu NG is compatible with UniData and UniVerse-U2 products. All U2 users will be transferred over to the product will not be charged any extra fees and will have access to more features, including drill down path support and Aerotext text analytics.

“Peter Richardson, Vice President and General Manager of Rocket’s business intelligence and analytics business unit, says, ‘One of the biggest advantages that our valued customers gets making this change is getting access to a wider range of Rocket services and products to help them reach their business goals. CorVu NG has the ability to work with the full suite of CorVu performance management modules, including CorStrategy, CorPlanning, CorRisk, and CorProject. This is a major enhancement for U2 customers who are interested in elevating their BI solution to one that includes not only tactical performance visualizations, but also strategic, high-level KPI tracking.’ “

It was also noted that not only is Rocket Software expanding its product base to attract more clients, but the CoVu NG software will allow their current clients to have more opportunities as well. This is in compliance with Rocket Software’s philosophy to offer a broader range of solutions to complement and supplement clients’ solutions.

Whitney Grace, December 16, 2014
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Open Source Business Intelligence Tools: A Narrow View

December 2, 2014

Last week, a person with considerable experience in business intelligence told me that interest in open source software applicable to intelligence purposes was evident in South America. I poked around and came across “5 Open Source business intelligence Tools.” I was hoping to learn about open source real-time translation tools, geo-coding components, and old-school search software that hooked into some next-generation analytics and visualization components.

Wait for it.

I was disappointed. The write up presented a short list of open source systems that are well known to me. I need more than short comments about Jaspersoft, Pentaho, BIRT, RapidMiner, and SpagoDB. The article mentions three other business intelligence tools: Knime, Tactic, and ERP BI. All good, but not enough for my needs.

One reason vendors of proprietary business intelligence systems continue to capture the attention of some organizations is that the open source community develops in some areas of the barnyard and not others. What about Elasticsearch, Ikanow, and a number of other sources for quite useful open source software that can make significant contributions to business intelligence. (I am tempted to mention some US government open source contributions like NiFi too.) I think an information gap exists.

Stephen E Arnold, December 2, 2014

Attivio Sponsors a Hackathon

November 13, 2014

Short honk: I find this item interesting: “Attivio to Sponsor Qlik World Conference 2014.” Attivio is providing financial support to a Qlik hackathon. The idea is for participants to become the “ultimate hacker for good.” See What will the hackers hack? If the goal is business intelligence, will these efforts be directed at open source content or other repositories?

There are media luminaries on the conference program; for example, Mark Cuban. The information about the program states that sessions, times, and locations are subject to change.

The only question I have is, “Is this a user conference or a commercial conference?” I know that Qlik offers software that, to me, seems to overlap with Attivio’s functionality.

With the increasing interest in without permission breaches of major systems, is a hackathon a completely positive positioning?”

My take is that this is essentially a single company affair designed to create a big marketing blast. I hope it works. As I pointed out, traditional vendors face a difficult challenge from firms that are offering what I would call “revolutionary approaches.” Watch for my upcoming Information Today write up that explains how some vendors have been leapfrogged by firms pushing information access in a new and quite useful direction.

Stephen E Arnold, November 13, 2014

List of Business Intelligence Vendors

November 3, 2014

I came across a write up called “Yellowfin a Top Performing Dashboard and Ad-Hoc Reporting BI Solution across Many Categories in BARC’s The BI Survey 14.” What I found useful about the article was the list of business intelligence vendors. I am familiar with the search companies that say there are in the business intelligence game. I am skeptical about this type of pivoting because these outfits are rarely in the automated collection business.

Here’s the list of companies in case you are tracking this market sector:

  • Arcplan
  • Bissantz
  • Corporate Planning
  • Cubeware
  • Cyberscience
  • Dimensional Insight
  • Dundas
  • Entrinsik
  • Evidanza
  • IBM Cognos BI
  • Information Builders
  • Microsoft Excel, Power products, and SSAS (!)
  • MicroStrategy
  • Oracle BI Foundation Suite
  • Pentaho
  • Phocas
  • Pyramid Analytics
  • Qlik
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • Tableau
  • Tibco
  • Yellowfin.

No enterprise search vendors on this list. Is this more than a PR problem? Is it a credibility problem for search vendors who can flip from market to market without so much as a how de doo?

Stephen E Arnold, November 3, 2014

G2 Crowd Announces Business Intelligence Leaders

October 24, 2014

The article titled Tableau, Qlikview, TIBCO, SAS, and Oracle Lead G2 Crowd’s Business Intelligence Ratings on Venture Beat discusses the winners and losers of the Fall 2014 best business intelligence ratings. G2 Crowd claims the position of “unbiased” reviewers of business software. They launched in 2013 and have since collected tens of thousands of verified reviews. The leaders in BI mentioned above were headed off by Tableau Desktop in first position. The article states,

“Either there’s exceptional quality in the BI software, or BI users seem to be fairly easy-to-please people — at least those who rate the software they use. “Overall, G2 Crowd users were satisfied with the business intelligence products they reviewed,” G2 Crowd said in a statement. “Across all products, reviewers reported the product they use meets their requirements at an average rate of 81 percent, and on average reviewers said they were 81 percent likely to recommend the product they use.””

As may be obvious from the list in the article’s title, the industry leaders are all very established companies. Overall, not too many whizzy new vendors make the cut. As for the losers, those relegated to the “Niche” category of low market penetration doubled with low client satisfaction, only two companies fit the bill: Pentaho and Birst. See the full list here.

Chelsea Kerwin, October 24, 2014

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