IBM and Other IT Vendors Enter Enterprise Social Software Arena

October 26, 2012

When deciding on enterprise social software, companies have the option between pure-play products from specialists or social software capabilities integrated into existing products from traditional vendors.The article “Enterprise Social Software Magic Quadrant: Pure Play Vs. IT Vendors” on Search Unified Communications reports on the enterprise social software Magic Quadrant report, which tells us that traditional IT vendors are bundling their own enterprise social technologies with existing products and services to compete in “their own markets.”

The article informs us of the big competitors and plans for the future of social software:

“Vendors like IBM and Microsoft will better integrate social applications for specific end-user activities, including content creation, task management and data collection and reporting, said lead author of the social software Magic Quadrant Nikos Drakos, Ph.D., research director of collaboration and social software for Gartner.”

IBM’s PureData System is designed to analyze big data in the cloud and deliver “actionable insights” to the enterprise. The result is a cost-efficient and speedy option in enterprise social software. Intrafind is among the first certified application providers to be certified on this new family of expert integrated systems. We think the IBM Pure and Intrafind partnership is a veritable enterprise search option.

Andrea Hayden, October 26, 2012

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