Stop Typing Linguastat Does It For You

March 22, 2014

Web content is a way for companies to attract attention and keep the organization in relevant social media feeds and search results. It is time consuming to generate content. Linguastat claims it offers a solution combining the power of big data and content.

Linguastat tells users that it will turn “haystacks into gold.” It is an interesting tagline, but not as believable as Linguastat’s software description:

“Built on proprietary natural language and artificial intelligence our cloud-based Content Transformation Platform ™ reads, understands, and transforms the vast amount of Big Data found in the world and automatically publishes unique, insightful, and optimized digital stories…at massive scale…at a fraction of the cost!”

If your company is tired of hiring third-parties or using valuable employee time developing Web content, Linguastat offers a solution. It will annotate and analyze your big data and the software’s AI will generate “optimized digital stories.” It also saves typing time and spares people from inflamed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Without seeing the finished product and the less than appealing “turning haystacks to gold” tagline, it is wise to be skeptical about Linguastat. They might be worth researching, however, and getting a trial run.

Whitney Grace, March 22, 2014
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