US Government: Computer Infrastructure

September 26, 2016

Curious about the cost of maintaining a computer infrastructures. Companies may know how much is spent to maintain the plumbing, but those numbers are usually buried in accounting-speak within the company. Details rarely emerge.

Here’s a useful chart about how much spending for information technology goes to maintain the old stuff and the status quo versus how much goes to the nifty new technology:


The important line is the solid blue one. Notice that the US Federal government spent $0.68 cents of every IT dollar on operations and maintenance in 2010. Jump to the 2017 estimate. Notice that the status quo is likely to consume $0.77 cents of every IT dollar.

Progress? If you want to dig into the information behind this chart, you can find the report GAO 677454 by running queries on the Alphabet Google system m. The title of the report is “Information Technology. Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems.” Don’t bother trying the search box on the Web site. The document is not in the index.

If you are not too keen on running old school mobile queries or talking to your nifty voice enabled search system, you can find the document at this link.

I want to point out that Palantir Technologies may see these types of data as proof that the US government needs to approach information technology in a different manner.

Stephen E Arnold, September 26, 2016


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