Big Data and Smart Software: A Volatile Mixture?

March 19, 2018

For several years big data and artificial intelligence have been running on parallel tracks. Once in a while they cross over, but mostly they kept independent of one another. But that is poised to change, as we saw from a recent press release from Lucidworks, “Lucidworks Launches Fusion 4 With Operationalized AI and Portable Applications.”

According to the piece, their AI and big data are coming together because:

“Our customers are global organizations who demand a reactive and flexible platform that lets them adapt to hybrid run-time environments including on premise, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. With Fusion 4, we’ve brought that portability to application development so customers can create and run apps that best fit their security and operational constraints.”

This is picking up steam in a major way. Multiple companies are offering mashups of big data and AI and the results run the gamut. Forbes recently ran a list of 30 free sources for such tools. Not only are they becoming more available, there is a lot of evidence that this combo is disrupting the normal patterns of business and life. Expect more from this pairing because our world is waiting for a new explosion of AI and data.

Beyond Search wants to point out that the use of data from services like Facebook by third parties can have unexpected consequences. Those facilitating volatile compounds may find themselves walking a knife edge. Will that “work”?

Patrick Roland, March 19, 2018


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