Knewz: Who New?

August 23, 2019

DarkCyber read “News Corp Is Apparently Working on a News App Called Knewz.”

My memory was jarred. What? Knewz. Will this service channel:

  • Dow Jones News/Retrieval
  • The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
  • Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing.
  • Factiva?

News Corp. wants to fight back against the “free news” available from the evil upstarts. Well, Google News is no longer an upstart. Facebook, maybe? But what about Bing News, or the quite useful Big Project.

Knews? From News Corp.?

The write up states:

The service will be called, and take the form of both a traditional website and a mobile app. It will draw from a variety of national outlets such as The New York Times and NBC News, as well as more partisan news sites like The Daily Caller and ThinkProgress.

Many years ago, Dow Jones launched a system which made news available.

Here’s a personal anecdote. I subscribe to the dead tree edition of the Wall Street Journal. If I want online access to the News Corp. property, I have to navigate to a Web page or call the hot line. I create an online subscription. But when the print subscription is renewed, I have to do this over and over and over again.

There is no connection between the print and online services. It seems that when I renew the print subscription, the online service would be updated and continue working. But no. That’s just not possible for a company struggling with modernization since the late 1980s and the initiatives of Richard Levine and others.

Is this type of system elegance “Knewz”?

Stephen E Arnold, August 23, 2019


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