Palantir Technologies and Semi Hard Numbers

July 10, 2020

Palantir Technologies is super secretive. The company plans to become publicly held. Does secret and public match up for you?

Palantir Built Itself into a $20 Billion Success with a Secretive and Controversial business. Now It’s Prepping for Life As a Transparent Public Company” offers some numbers; for instance:

  • The company is valued at $20 billion US
  • The company’s technology is 17 years young
  • The company has raised about $3 billion US in funding
  • 200 employees sent a letter to top management complaining about Palantir’s work for US Customs.

None of these numbers indicate if the company is profitable.

Important? Probably not in today’s fraught economic environment.

Stephen E Arnold, July 10, 2020


One Response to “Palantir Technologies and Semi Hard Numbers”

  1. Jerry Ridge on July 11th, 2020 4:40 pm

    I am a voip engineer and you noticed that pre voip there was a cellphone conundrum, where people complaining about the quality of phone calls over cell. Then people adapted for convenience. When VOIP became a viable product up against analog phone systems the quality was a little better than cell and people accepted it. Now I see all the Wallpaper in Windows has enhanced images to adapt (in my opinion to adapt people to unreality living underground off planet bending acceptance of natural environments) ergo music produced by AI will circumvent wage slaves from wasting time in non productive work. It is a idea not anything I can verify.

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