Data Loss: An Interesting Number

August 19, 2020

Over 27 Billion Records Exposed in the First Half of 2020” contains some interesting assertions. One which caught my attention was:

Although reports of data breaches are down 52 percent in the first half of this year, the number of records exposed over the same period has soared to 27 billion.

The write up quotes an expert from Risk Based Security as saying:

“The striking differences between 2020 and prior years brings up many questions,” says Inga Goddijn, executive vice president at Risk Based Security. “Why is the breach count low compared to prior years? What is driving the growth in the number of records exposed? And perhaps most importantly, is this a permanent change in the data breach landscape?”

I am curious as well. Interpol’s August 2020 “Cybercrime: Covid-19 Impact” suggests that cybercrime is chugging along quite nicely.

DarkCyber’s question is:

With hundreds of cyber security firms offering everything from real time AI monitors to old fashioned and expensive humans, bad actors appear to be increasingly successful. How is that Garmin cyber security system working now? Any Amazon S3 buckets compromised recently? Is Self-Key’s statement that “the first quarter of 2020 has been one of the worst in data breach history with over 8 billion records exposed” accurate?

The numbers may be interesting but the question is, “Why are state-of-the-art, artificially intelligence cyber security systems performing in a way that suggests bad actors are experiencing a surfeit of target opportunities?

Stephen E Arnold, August 19, 2020


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