What Has Amazon Caught? The Google Syndrome?

January 4, 2021

No, Google has not launched a virus infecting Amazon Web Services (although AWS has people capable of designing such a virus). Instead Google has infected AWS with its “shiny object syndrome” says Last Week In AWS in the article: “The Google Disease Afflicting AWS.”

Last Week In AWS refers to Google’s mind state as the “launch new service” mentality, where Google perpetually launches new projects, works on them for the headlines, then abandons them. Apparently it is the only way to advance in Google’s hierarchy. AWS, on the other hand, is starting a “launch new service” mentality when those new services should be features on preexisting projects.

AWS should be helping their customers, instead they are creating new and competing services. This mentality has harmed Google and will not do any favors for AWS. The majority of people agree:

“For a company that believes its team should Be Right a Lot, this is pretty clearly the wrong path—according to customers, analysts, random passersby, and employees with a penchant for honesty. It’s not good for anyone, and I firmly believe that you don’t Earn Trust from your customers by making even the most diligent cloud-watchers feel that the cloud is accelerating away from their ability to understand and contextualize what you’ve built.”

The article wonders why no one has pointed this out to AWS top brass. We do not know if anyone actually has, but common sense states that an employee must have reported the top heavy and poor customer service model. This common sense employee was probably reprimanded or fired for speaking the truth. Remember the child who said the emperor was naked?

Whitney Grace, January 4, 2021


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