Facial Recognition? Old Hat. Now It Is Behavioral Recognition

February 8, 2021

The possibilities of how AI will revolutionize robotics, medical technology, such as artificial limbs, and videogames are as endless as the imagination. Fujitsu moved AI technology one step closer to the imagination says the New Zealand IT Brief in: “Fujitsu Develops Behavioral Recognition Tech, Completes World First.”

Fujitsu Laboratories designed the world’s most accurate recognition of complex actions and behaviors based on skeleton data. Using deep learning algorithms, Fujitsu’s technology mapped all the positions and connections of complex joint behavior when multiple joints move in tandem. The technology earned the world’s highest accuracy score against the world’s standard benchmark in behavior recognition.

The technology was developed by:

“In general, human behavior recognition utilizing AI relies on temporal changes in the position of each of the skeletal joints, including in the hands, elbows, and shoulders, as identifying features, which are then linked to simple movement patterns such as standing or sitting.

With time series behavior-recognition technology developed by Fujitsu Labs, Fujitsu has successfully realized highly-accurate image recognition using a deep learning model that can operate with high-accuracy even for complex behaviors in which multiple joints change in conjunction with each other.

The new technology is based on a AI model that can be trained in advance using the time series data of joints.

The connection strength (weight) with neighboring joints can be optimized, and effective connection relationships for behavior recognition can be acquired, Fujitsu states.

With conventional technologies, it was necessary to accurately grasp the individual characteristics of each joint. With an AI model that has already been trained, the combined features of the adjacent joints that are linked can be extracted, making it possible to achieve highly-accurate recognition for complex movements, according to the company.”

Fujitsu wants to roll out this new system this year to make workplaces safer, but the true possibilities of the technology have yet to be explored.

Whitney Grace, February 8, 2021


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