An Idea for American Top Dogs?

June 14, 2021

My hunch is that the cyber security breaches center of flaws in Microsoft Windows. The cyber security vendors, the high priced consultants, and even the bad actors renting their services to help regular people are mostly ineffectual. The rumors about a new Windows are interesting. The idea that Windows 10 will not be supported in the future is less interesting. I interpret the information as a signal that Microsoft has to find a fix. Marketing, a “new” Windows, and mucho hand waving will make the problem go away. But will it? Nope. Law enforcement, intelligence professionals, and security experts are operating in reactive mode. Something happens; people issue explanations; and the next breach occurs. Consider gamers. These are not just teenies. Nope. Those trying to practice “adulting” are into these escapes. TechRepublic once again states the obvious in “Fallout of EA Source Code Breach Could Be Severe, Cybersecurity Experts Say.” Here’s an extract:

The consequences of the hack could be existential, said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of cybersecurity firm Gurucul. “This sort of breach could potentially take down an organization,” she said in a statement to TechRepublic. “Game source code is highly proprietary and sensitive intellectual property that is the heartbeat of a company’s service or offering. Exposing this data is like virtually taking its life. Except that in this case, EA is saying only a limited amount of game source code and tools have been exfiltrated. Even so, the heartbeat has been interrupted and there’s no telling how this attack will ultimately impact the life blood of the company’s gaming services down the line.”

I like that word “existential.”

I want to call attention to this story in Today Online: “Japan’s Mizuho Bank CEO to Resign after Tech Problems.” Does this seem like a good idea? To me, it may be appropriate in certain situations. A new top dog at Microsoft would have a big job to do for these reasons:

  1. New or changed software introduces new flaws and exploitable opportunities.
  2. New products with numerous new features increase the attack surface; for example, Microsoft Teams, which is demonstrating the Word method of adding features to keep wolves like Zoom, Google, and others out of the hen house.
  3. A flood of marketing collateral, acquisitions, and leaks about a a new Windows are possible distractions for a very uncritical but influential observers.

But what’s the method in the US. Keep ‘em on the job. How is that working?

Stephen E Arnold, June 14, 2021


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