Google Metaphors of the Day: DeathStar and Skynet

April 9, 2008

John Murrell,, used two interesting metaphors in his “Google Opens Cloud to Crowd” story about Google’s new hosted services. Most Google watchers tip toe around comparisons of Google (the happy company) to any thing dark and sinister. Mr. Murrell writes:

Now that it has built up its computing infrastructure to a size somewhere between the Death Star and Skynet, Google really hates to see any of that power going untapped. To spread the wealth, Google announced late Monday the beta launch of App Engine, a set of tools and services that will let Web developers run their own applications on Google’s platform, avoiding all that troublesome back end maintenance.

If you have been outside the flows of popular culture, the DeathStar is a planet-sized ship armed with sufficient fire power to destroy a planet. Skynet, on the other hand, is the self-aware computing system that is waging war with annoying humans in the Terminator films.

Stephen Arnold, April 9, 2008


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