More Google Coding Goodies

July 4, 2008

Google is pushing its technical peanut ahead a millimeter at a time. You can read about Google’s C++ Testing Framework here. The Googley know that debugging sucks. So anything that helps a programmer write cleaner code “sucks less”. Why’s this important? Google is building a very solid, publicly-accessible development platform. Most organization’s information departments are not staffed with Google types. But in a few years, hoards of college graduates with programming skills and Google juice in their veins will be entering the work force. So, each of these programming services, features, and functions add up to a phase change. You can’t see it unless you piece together fragments. Google’s system makes it tough to find the pieces. Forget making a picture. Well, this is another piece. Google says:

It will take you about 10 minutes to learn the basics and get started. Stay tuned to this blog for helpful Google Test information in upcoming Testing on the Toilet episodes.

Google is writing to a very specific audience which does not need to be told explicitly that C++ testing is now quicker and easier. Do you know how to translate Google speak? Better learn.

Stephen Arnold, July 4, 2008


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