GraphOn Vs Google

August 18, 2008

Patents are complicated. Software patents are even more complicated. GraphOn, a publicly traded company with the motto “Fast and Secure Application Access”, asserts that Google has infringed on GraphOn patents. Forbes’ Magazine has a good summary here. GraphOn’s technology includes systems and methods for cloud-based services. One bone of contention pertains to data management.

The GraphOn organization has pressed claims against Juniper Networks,, and other high profile outfits. Some of Google’s highest profile services may be affected, including Google Base and Google AdWords. Google has a number of patents for its systems and methods. A partial list of these is available at here. Some of the information from my study of selected Google inventions may be located by navigating here and entering the phrase Google patents in the search box. I do maintain a relatively complete listing of Google’s patent documents, but this information is available to my clients. If you are interested in accessing these data, write me at seaky2000 at yahoo dot com for more information. My Google Version 2.0 reviews a number of Google’s patent documents, including some references to Google’s approach to data management, publishing, and a number of innovation drivers; that is, inventions in which Sergey Brin or Larry Page play a role. Keep in mind that I am not a legal eagle. My discussion of these inventions is intended to share my findings about how certain Google innovations enable certain applications. As Google’s influence grows, legal charges are likely to increase as well. Google has a number of legal matters underway, some involving data management systems and methods. Patent litigation is slow and expensive. Information will dribble out which it difficult to know exactly what’s happening. What’s clear is that GraphOn believes it has a strong case based on its patents:

  • 6,324,538, Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
  • 6,850,940, Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
  • 7,028,034, Method and apparatus for providing a dynamically-updating pay-for-service web site,
  • 7,269,591, Method and apparatus for providing a pay-for-service web site

You can get more information about each of these from the search system at the US Patent & Trademark Office. Remember to check your query syntax. It must match the sample searches in order to get goodies from the USPTO’s wonderful system. I am making no warranties or guaranties about these references. You will need to verify these numbers and titles yourself.

The ZDNet discussion of this issue is here.

Stephen Arnold, August 18, 2008


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