hakia: A Cloudsourcing Twist on Semantic Search

September 25, 2008

hakia [www.hakia.com], a semantic search engine, recently announced that it’s adding a new program designed to mine more resources for users, specifically information professionals who need to tap more than the usual 10 percent of web content.

Users can enter URLs now, not just search terms, to target credible content, not just popular results. hakia will process the URL with its semantic technology to make concept and meaning matches.

A hakia rep told me “this is the first time a search engine has channeled the collective knowledge of these expert groups to generate credibility-stamped results using semantic technology.” They’re promoting it as “Trusted Results” – returned information is run through peer review and professionals are invited to submit web sites. hakia is now expanding its content by making an open call for those submissions.

The project is in beta phase, focused on health and medical resources. For instance, results returned will come from the World Health Organization or the Mayo Clinic instead of WebMD or Wikipedia. I hope they work on expanding soon, because it’s a great idea. There’s so much popular information on the Internet, it’s really difficult to search and sort through all the MedicalNet resources when I need serious bibliography material.

You can get more information at Club hakia [http://club.hakia.com/], you just need to do a free registration. They’ve got a really nifty setup where you can enter search terms in both hakia and Google side-by-side. I entered “search engine optimization.” Google’s top returns were from Wikipedia, Google search support, SEO Chat, and then news results. hakia’s top returns included Turks Daily World News, Wikipedia, SEO.com, and Search Optimization Journal.

Jessica Bratcher, September 25, 2008


One Response to “hakia: A Cloudsourcing Twist on Semantic Search”

  1. Farrah Hamid on September 26th, 2008 11:08 am

    Hi Jessica – Thanks for the great post.

    We would like add a few clarification notes. We are not asking general Web searchers to submit URLs for QDEXing in the hakia search engine. Rather, there are two ways to submit site URLs for QDEXing (i.e. processing with our semantic technology) on the hakia Club.They are:

    1. Webmasters can submit their site URL on the hakia Club for their site to be included in general Web search results.

    2. Librarians and information professionals can submit their picks for “Credible Sites” on a designated page of the hakia Club to be included in hakia Credible Sites vertical. Try the query “what causes heart disease” – you will notice how we assign a credibility-stamp to results from credible sites

    Our system QDExes all Web pages. When a search query is entered at hakia.com, SemanticRank will rank all results by meaning match, credibility and other factors. Search results from credible sites are then visually-differentiated with a credibility-stamp to guide searchers to credible Web sources. Our goal is to provide a quality search experience where we serve relevant and fresh results from credible Web sources.

    I hope that helps to clarify any potential confusion. Thanks!

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