Microsoft Cloud OS: Strata

October 9, 2008

Microsoft Watch has an interesting post plus a graphic here. Joe Wilcox’s “Windows Strata: Microsoft’s Cloud OS” here is worth a look. The most interesting portion of the article is the list of eight sessions allegedly on deck for the developers’ conference. The sessions range from “A Day in the Life of a Cloud Service Developer” to “Scalable, Available Storage in the Cloud.” I hope developers flock to these sessions. My wife’s work email account is the new cloud version of Microsoft Outlook. The system would not allow bulk deletes of email, drag its feet when performing basic tasks like opening an email, and insisted on telling me that the forms function was not available when I tried the Control A key combination to select all emails in a window. The good news is that developers will be able to make incremental improvements and breakthroughs.

Stephen Arnold, October 9, 2008


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