Amazon’s iTunes Like Interface

October 28, 2008

Amazon has developed a new interface. You can read the news story on TechCrunch here. The graphical presentation is intended to make it easier and more fun to browse Amazon’s products. Jason Kinkaid’s article does a very good job of explaining the features of this interface. For me, the most important comment in the write up was:

The site seems geared towards shoppers who are just looking for ideas, as there isn’t a search feature. Users can scroll through the site using their arrow keys, zooming in on individual products by hitting the spacebar. Each product includes a demo video (in the case of movies, songs, and video games) or an excerpt (from books).

I have often asserted that search is dead. I did not say that search was not useful. Amazon believes it has cracked the code on information retrieval without asking the user to type in the title of a book or an author’s name. Amazon wants to be a combination of Apple and Google. Amazon may have to keep trying to manage this transition.

Stephen Arnold, October 28, 2008


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