Azure: Wit and Optimism

November 3, 2008

I enjoy the Register. The addled goose wishes he were British so his edge has that Pythonesque slant. The article “What Ray Ozzie Didn’t Tell You about Microsoft Azure” is enjoyable and informative. It contains a wonderfully terse description of Amazon’s and Google’s cloud services. The Google description is quite tasty with the spice of shifting the job of figuring out how to use it from Google to the user. Nice point. You must read the full article here. Despite the wit, the write up makes several significant points:

  1. The cloud is a ragout, not a cohesive system or strategy
  2. A developer has to deal with a large number of components
  3. Microsoft might pull this off because Ray Ozzie has worked in this for a long time.

My view is more conservative. I want to see Microsoft deliver before I get too excited or put odds on Microsoft’s chances for success. Google’s been working on its cloud services for a decade, and those are not without their faults. I couldn’t access my Gmail for a time, then my “ig” page was dead too. Whether you agree with me or the Register is secondary to the useful information in its write up.

Stephen Arnold, November 3, 2008


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