Webinar: Open Standards and Semantic Technology

November 14, 2008

The economic downturn worldwide bodes poorly for dollars to add more search technologies to the enterprise, but the umbrella in the thunderstorm may be found in a movement quietly readying for a download launch. When will a standardized, semantic IT infrastructure be the basis of the enterprise’s entire IT framework for operations across all divisions?

There is a growing discussion in Europe, now spilling over into the US, regarding the SMILA project, the SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture. For more detail, click here or navigate http://eccenca.broxblogs.de. This open source solution is coming from a partnering of brox IT-Solutions, and empolis in Germany through Eclipse.org.

Semantic Technologies

Semantic technologies continue to gain in the discussion amongst researchers and companies investing in their own search frameworks across the organization because it is the unstructured data that remains the elephant in the room. There are proponents in several large IT companies that believe an answer is available in SMILA. When will a semantic IT infrastructure be the basis of the enterprise’s entire IT framework for operations across all divisions? Consider this white paper (in German-use translate.google.com) http://www.heise.de/open/Union-Investment-Integrationsplattform-auf-Basis-offener-Standards–/artikel/118395 The paper contends that:

“Open standards make applications more quickly realized and flawless.”

Eccenca is the commercial level version available for enterprise that is being deployed with professional services and support. At brox, the company is building commercial-grade architecture and applications for the enterprise under the Eccenca Foundation, based on the SMILA codebase. Eccenca products will reflect internal expertise of existing customer requests, including those of startups in Theseus, Volkswagen, and others. See more information in the response to this blog’s recent discussion (Nov.4th) at http://h3lge.de/weblog/. Eccenca.com and the first download of SMILA are anticipated in short order. At Eccenca.com, brox will set up and manage a marketplace for standard-based plug ins, solutions, and expertise.


There is a webinar in English coming up to discuss this whole approach further, coming up on December 17, 2008. The seminar will run about one hour and take place at 8:00 am PDT / 11:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm GMT. The seminar will be given by Georg Schmidt (brox IT-Solutions) and Igor Novakovic (empolis). The title of the webinar is “SMILA – SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture.” This webinar will present the SMILA project (emphasizing the integration possibilities), provide the status report about the latest project developments and give a short demonstration of currently implemented features.

The webinar will discuss the challenge of the amount and diversity of information is growing exponentially, mainly in the area of unstructured data, like emails, text files, blogs and images. Poor data accessibility, user rights integration and the lack of semantic metadata are constraining factors for building next generation enterprise search and other document centric applications. Missing standards result in proprietary solutions with huge short and long term cost. SMILA is an extensible framework for building search solutions to access unstructured information in the enterprise. Besides providing essential infrastructure components and services, SMILA also delivers ready-to-use add-on components, like connectors to most relevant data sources. Using the framework as their basis will enable developers to concentrate on the creation of higher value solutions, like semantic driven applications.

An article authored by Dawn Marie Yankeelov, president of ASPectx.


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