Microsoft’s Cloud Stability

December 1, 2008

TechCrunch’s “Live Cashback Having a Bad Black Friday” is a gentle description of a cloud service outage at Microsoft. You can read the post here. The diplomatic write up said, “the [Microsoft] site has been down much of the morning [November 28, 2008].” The outage is a problem for Microsoft. I think it is an even larger problem for consultants who suggest that their expertise includes cloud computing. Microsoft is spending for what it views as the best technical talent in cloud computing. If Microsoft can’t pull off a service for its important Live Cashback system, are the self proclaimed Enterprise 2.0  experts part of the solution or part of the problem? Unike the Enterprise 2.0 jargon, cloud computing refers to specific technical functions. Maybe Microsoft should turn over its cloud computing efforts to an Enterprise 2.0 wizard and fix the problem. Sound silly? Well, it’s not silly; it’s a dangerous and flawed idea. Engineers are needed, not MBAs with an inflated sense of their own abilities.

Stephen Arnold, December 1, 2008


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