Google: Worms Are Turning

December 16, 2008

Google is not accustomed to having its plans jeopardized by the likes of the Wall Street Journal. After a decade of baffling the pundits with free Odwalla beverages and lunch entertainment from the likes of Tony Bennett, the GOOG is thrashing. To add to the misery of the Wall Street Journal story here, the SFGate online site published “Google Off List of 20 Most Trusted Companies.” You can read this story here. American Express and eBay are allegedly perceived as more trustworthy than Google. Wow. eBay and PayPal. More trusted. When will other shoes begin to drop? Last week I listened as a Googler ran the game plan; that is, did a standard presentation about the firm’s capabilities. The presentation was warm, interesting, and what is on the Google Web site. Googlers, I opine, only know what Mother Google wants them to know. I have often mentioned Googler Cyrus, a high ranking Googler, who told me I Photoshopped a Google report that looked a lot like a dossier prepared by the police on a suspect. I pointed out to dear Cyrus that the image came from a Google patent document. The Googler did not believe me. Now you try to find in Google a hit on my name, my study Google Version 2.0, and patents. You won’t be able to find it. Somehow the links to my study of Google patents are really tough to find. I find this amusing. I wonder if Google finds my analyses a wee bit off putting? Now the GOOG is battling a dead tree traditional media company and finding itself no longer among the most trusted companies. What’s amazing to me is that it has taken a decade for pundits, wizards, and assorted Google search experts to figure out some of the Google’s more interesting initiatives. There’s more in the closet. I can hardly wait to see what antics dead tree media and the GOOG will display. For a quick primer, check out my Google studies here.

Stephen Arnold, December 16, 2008


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