Reading Google Paw Lines to Foretell Its Future

December 26, 2008

Alex Chitu must have been close enough to Googzilla to get it to show its paw for a fortune telling session. You can read his “Predictions for Google’s 2009” in Google Operating System here. His observations for the most part are interesting and I think, like Nostradamus, some of these predictions may be “true”. For example, Google Translate will become a more widely deployed function in Google products and services. You will find my discussion of Google’s December 25, 2008, patent application US20080319962 germane to this prediction. If you want to peer beyond Mr. Chitu’s flat statement, download the patent document and check out the claims. I also agree that Google Contacts will gain some beef in 2009. If you have been watching the weird ritual mating dance between Googlers and, you may conclude that the GOOG wants more from customer relationship management than a quick buy out of for its multi tenant inventions and the company’s potent marketing engine.  The personalized search ads have been visible to me on a couple of my Google “ig” sessions, so that’s a slam dunk for 2009. You can read his other prognostications here. I would like to mention three predictions that I hoped he would mention but did not. These are quite addled, and so these are ideal for the Beyond Search addled goose crystal ball output; namely:

  1. Companies in sectors unrelated to Web search and online advertising realize that the GOOG is disrupting their businesses. The addled goose watched in 2008 as commercial database companies and telecommunications companies woke up to a strange, new, Googley world. Can you guess the business sectors? You can get a list of these plus a diagram in my 2007 Google Version 2.0 which is still available. Click here to order.
  2. Authors will turn to Google as a way to sell, not just market, their original work. With dead tree publishing companies racing toward Armageddon, the GOOG as a publishing medium will come into its own. Google has quite a few technical documents explaining in considerable detail how to make this happen.
  3. Regulators in various countries will realize that Google heralds a new spin on globalization. Local operations deliver quite specific products and services, yet the plumbing exists “out there” so it is tough to deal with the GOOG under existing regulatory umbrellas.

What do you think the GOOG will do in 2009? Oh, I know that Google is just a Web search company in the business of selling ads in a deteriorating economic climate. I am a silly goose for having articulated that Google is more, much more.

Stephen Arnold, December 26, 2008


One Response to “Reading Google Paw Lines to Foretell Its Future”

  1. Alex on December 30th, 2008 4:13 pm


    I wanna wish you a happy new year Arnold.

    From today and onwards, you are by far my favorite search blog writter.


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