Google and Video Playing Technology

January 26, 2009

I don’t pay much attention to online video. The trophy generation and the short attention span types do. Google tried its hand at its own video player and then shifted to Flash. If you care about video, you may want to check out Google’s invention disclosed in US20090024923. The abstract for this said:

Embedded Video Player Abstract A system, method and various user interfaces provide an embedded web-based video player for navigating video playlists and playing video content. A Web site publisher can create and store a video player with customized parameters (e.g., player type, appearance, advertising options, etc.) and can associate the player with a playlist of selected videos. The stored video player is associated with a player ID in a player database and can be embedded in a Web site using an embed code referencing the player ID. A user interface for the embedded player provides controls for controlling video playback and for controlling the selection of a video from the playlist.

Why is Google noodling a player? Two reasons. Why help out Adobe? Get more control over the experience in the browser or composite application. Google wants control to have some response to this type of situation. The video push is a real deal. Google has a cluster of video inventions, which signals to me an initiative.

Stephen Arnold, January 26, 2009


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