What Is Vint Cerf Saying

February 16, 2009

Lidija Davis’s “Vint Cerf: Despite Its Age, the Internet Is Still Filled with Problems” does a good job of providing an overview of Vint Cerf’s view of the Internet. You can read the article here. Mr. Davis provides a snapshot of the issues that must be addressed if she captured the Google evangelist’s thoughts accurately:

According to Cerf, and many others, inter-cloud communication issues such as formats and protocols, as well as inter or intra-cloud security need to be addressed urgently.

I found the comments about bit rot interesting and highly suggestive. She quite rightly points out that her summary presents only a small segment of the talk.

When I read her pretty good write up, I had one thought: “Google wants to become the Internet.” If the company pulls off this grand slam play, then the issues identified by Evangelist Cerf can be addressed in a more forthright manner. My reading of the Guha patent documents, filed in February 2007, reveals some of the steps Google’s programmable search engine includes to tackle the problems. Mr. Cerf identified and Ms. Davis reported. I find the GoogleNet an interesting idea to ponder. With some content pulled from Google caches and the Google CDN (content delivery network), Google may be the appropriate intermediary and enforcer in this increasingly unstable “space”.

Stephen Arnold, February 16, 2009


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