Amazon Embraces Hadoop

April 2, 2009

The fleet footed Amazon surprised me. I read Larry Dignan’s Amazon Launches Hadoop Data Crunching Service” here. What interested me was Amazon’s use of the Hadoop framework. According to Mr. Dignan’s write up,

The service, called Amazon Elastic MapReduce, is designed for businesses, researchers and analysts trying to conduct data intensive number crunching (statement). Hadoop, which is used by companies like Google and Yahoo, is trying to be pushed into the enterprise data center by startups like Cloudera.

I found this interesting for three reasons:

  1. Amazon has consistently beaten Google to the punch in the cloud computing push for developers and startups. Google has, in my opinion, watched from the sidelines.
  2. Google influenced the Hadoop system, which is a variant of  the Google MapReduce system. You can find a description in my The Google Legacy (2005) here.
  3. Amazon, despite its early somewhat unusual approach to infrastructure, has gotten its act together. The clearest indication of this is that the company can integrate new technology into its existing data centers and not go down.

In my view, Amazon is making the transition from digital retail operation to a more serious online force.

Stephen Arnold, April 2, 2009


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