Personalized Network Searching: Google after People Search

April 22, 2009

The hounds of the Internet are chasing Google’s “Search for Me on Google”. I can’t add to that outpouring of insight about technology that is exciting today but dated by Google time standards. I can, however, direct your attention to US 7,523,096, “Methods and Systems for Personalized Network Searching.” You can download this patent from the USPTO. The document was published on April 21, 2009, and was filed on December 3, 2003. You may want to read the background of the invention and scan the claims. The diagrams are standard Google fare, leaving much to the reader who must bring an understanding of other Google subsystems to the analysis. To put the Search on Me discussion into context, here’s the abstract for the granted patent, now almost six years old:

Systems and methods for personalized network searching are described. A search engine implements a method comprising receiving a search query, determining a personalized result by searching a personalized search object using the search query, determining a general result by searching a general search object using the search query, and providing a search result for the search query based at least in part on the personalized result and the general result. The search engine may utilize ratings or annotations associated with the previously identified uniform resource locator to locate and sort results.

This is an important invention attributed to Stephen Lawrence and Greg Badros. Both have made substantive contributions to Google in the past. You may want to examine the current people search and then check out the dossier invention that I have written about elsewhere. There are some interesting enhancements to the core dossier technology in the future. My assertion is that Google moves slowly. When these “innovations” roll out, some are surprised. The GOOG leaves big footprints in my experience. Where’s Pathfinder when one needs him?

Stephen Arnold, April 22, 2009


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  2. lullar on June 23rd, 2009 7:10 am

    There is a way to search people profile by email or username, follow my homepage

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