Autonomy Expands into Marketing

May 17, 2009

Attensity has been moving into marketing and marketing-related search applications. Autonomy has offered tools that provide insights into market behavior announced at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit a deal that indicates Autonomy is serious about this application of its search technology. Autonomy announced that the Optimost Adaptive Targeting is now powered by Autonomy’s Meaning Based Marketing engine. Autonomy is showing agility in its leveraging of its Interwoven acquisition. The company said here:

Optimost Adaptive Targeting mines all major types of customer attributes to create customer segments, including context (how the visitor arrives at the Website, e.g. search keyword), geography, time of day, and demographic, behavior, and account profile information. Once customer segments are created, multivariate tests are conducted on an unlimited number of copy ideas, offers, and layouts to determine the best solution for each audience segment. By adding the Meaning Based Computing capabilities of IDOL to Adaptive Targeting, marketers gain a unique ability to understand and effectively serve their customers. By leveraging IDOL, Optimost Adaptive Targeting now includes unique keyword clustering capabilities that automatically identifies
concepts and patterns as they are emerging on the web. For instance, an online pet store might discover that an unusually high number of “long-tail” searches relate to vacationing with pets. The solution could then automatically serve up more content and special offers around travel tote bags and kits.

The addled goose predicts that other vendors of search and content processing technology will increase their efforts to blend search and content processing with online and traditional marketing functions. Google is active in online marketing, and could increase its presence in this sector quickly and without warning. A stampede may be forming on the search prairie.

Stephen Arnold, May 17, 2009


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