Bing Kumo: The New Search Super Star

May 21, 2009

I awakened after an enjoyable midnight flight on UScare (I mean USAir) to find an RSS reader brimming with news of Microsoft’s new search engine. The name seems to be fluid, but I like Bing Kumo, which has an international ring to it. I picture Mr. Kumo, whom I shall call Bing, as a teen idol, androgynous in order to appeal to one and all.

You can get quite different views of Bing from the search engine optimization side of the world here and the inside Silicon Valley crowd here.

A quick run down of the speculation includes:

  • A Google killer. Enough said.
  • The skeptics. Larry Dignan asks, “Will it matter?” here.
  • The critical wizards at Lockergnome here who said, “Seriously, it’s not going to work, no one will care, end of discussion.”
  • The real Silicon Valley Insider here who said, “If Microsoft ends up doing a search deal with Yahoo (YHOO), this could all be for nothing. But either way, Microsoft needs help if it ever wants to be competitive in search. It represented 8.2% of the search market last month, down from 8.3% a year ago, according to comScore.”

The addled goose’s view of Bing Kumo, superstar, is more optimistic. Here’s why?

bing kumo

Bing Kumo, the new search rock star will be coming to a browser near you soon.

Most people fire up their computer with Windows 7 this fall and use whatever default Microsoft provides. I think Bing will get traction because Windows 7 will be a big success for Microsoft. The weird cursor behavior that makes it tough to navigate away from the default Microsoft splash page will discourage some users. The oddities of explaining that something other than Internet Explorer is the default browser will keep some of the Windows faithful using Bing. It’s easier.

The Google has been struggling of late. It’s not just the legal hassles, the copyright squabbles, and the YAGGs (yet another Google glitch). It’s the trust issue. I know it is hard to believe but Google has managed to achieve distrust in a remarkably short period of time. In a recent meeting, one really rich and really beef jerky tough executive asked me, “Do you trust Google with your information?” I did not answer, and he thankfully turned his cowboy features on another soft and pliant computer person.

Finally, Microsoft has been working overtime to get deals in the enterprise. These range from headway in the US government in some pretty big and well funded agencies to tough tactics to force SharePoint licensees to drink the Fast ESP Jonestown beverages. Certified Microsoft professionals in these organizations know that no mere mortal can find a file in the wild and wacky world of SharePoint. The complexity of the system and the sheer craziness of the file system’s naming conventions mean “A Job Forever.” Google is not able to deal with this combination of bundling and Certified Microsoft Professional  resistance. Jobs, not technology, are operative here.

Now enter Bing Kumo. Lights, please.

Whether it works or not, Microsoft’s try-and-try-again approach to Web search is going to have an impact. I wonder if Bing Kumo will make an appearance on Oprah?

Stephen Arnold, May 20, 2001


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