Google Marks Line in Digital Sand

June 24, 2009

Google is focused on engineering. Engineers like the emphasis. Great engineers love the approach. Most competitors do not give Google engineering enough respect. Google signaled its interest in putting its engineering front and center. You can read its announcement in the article “Let’s Make the Web Faster.” Google provides a link to a video that makes it easier than ever to get insight into what Google means when it talks about performance. In my research, Google’s ability to do certain things quickly differentiates the company. This issue is important because Google is an “as is” outfit. Microsoft’s hiring of Yahoo engineers to work in its data center engineering vineyards makes clear the “to be” nature of that company’s infrastructure. Performance is a very big deal, and in my opinion Google has put a mark in the digital sand. The company may be challenging others to cross that performance line. Will they take that step?

Stephen Arnold, June 24, 2009


One Response to “Google Marks Line in Digital Sand”

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