SEO Mavens Embarassing Themselves

June 29, 2009

I am not sure if search engine optimization is as fraught with risks as hooking up with Nigerian email scammers, but SEO may be getting close. I am not sure what business is in, but the addled goose plans to steer clear. Two reasons:

First, navigate (at your own risk, please) to Prudent Press Agency (great name that). Read the story “Addition of Advanced SEO Services in”. The article was stuff with silly generalizations and claims that struck this addled goose as wacky. But, hey, that is what makes SEO such a tasty sector for those with a good nose for an easy buck, euro, or eek. Consider this passage:

In AbsoluteSeo there has been made addition of advanced SEO Services to beat up the competitors. In this era of stiff competition every big or small company wish to have a website of its own which helps in boosting up the business. But only having the website does not solve the purpose, but it need to be perfect in every aspect as only then it will top in the search engines and consumer will be able to reach the site easily. For this, AbsoluteSeo has introduced the latest SEO Services which will help to optimize the website in each and every way.

Well reasoned for some but not the addled goose.

Second, the browser I am using flaged as a reported attack site. Here’s the message I saw when I poked around this online offering:


I received a call from a journalist working on an SEO story. I mentined that I thought SEO was mostly baloney sold to those who could not create substantive content or who lacked the insight needed to provide surfers with useful services. He thought I was in the minority because some of the high profile “search experts” were on board with various methods, statistical tools, and proprietary techniques.

Baloney. In this goose’s opinion, as the economy declines, the cream of the scammers rises like the nasties in the Harrod’s Creek mine run off pond.

Stephen Arnold, June 29, 2009


3 Responses to “SEO Mavens Embarassing Themselves”

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  3. Brian on June 29th, 2009 6:44 pm

    FYI, I was shown that same red warning page once in Firefox while happening upon some site of dubious intent. To my unpleasant surprise I noticed that some previously disabled checkboxes in the Tools \ Options \ Security menu had somehow become enabled. When I clicked the “Why was this site blocked?” button I was alarmed to find a Google logo on the subsequent description.

    Google is the biggest monetary contributor to the Mozilla organization. I suspect their return on investment is our browsing histories, clandestinely purloined in the name of security. If you have a decent virus scanner and generally sound horse sense (or perhaps goose gusto) you might reconsider whether you’re comfortable leaving those boxes checked.

    I blogged about this last autumn.

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