When SharePoint Search Breaks

August 24, 2009

You can get some tips to revivify a dead SharePoint search system by reading “Troubleshooting SPSearch and Good Practices for Moving Large Files”. I worked through the write up and the code samples. The problem was resolved when the author realized that SharePoint pointed the wrong place. Here is the key passage:

It turned out that during our disk reconfiguration, the path of F:\DATA\INDEX no longer existed. So I recreated the path specified in the registry (F:\DATA\INDEX) and copied the contents of the CONFIG folder from my fresh VM install. I then started the search service from Central Administration and… bingo! Search finally started successfully…Wohoo!

If you are experiencing missing data, check out this tip. Life would be easier if there were administrative tools for moving files that implement “best” practices. Obviously “good” practices are not enough.

Stephen Arnold, August 24, 2009


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