SEO Takes Liver Punch from the Google

September 22, 2009

Google needs people to create Web sites that contain content. Google needs Web sites that do not have coding errors. Google needs people to improve their Web sites in order to keep the gerbil wheel spinning. What Google does not need, according to Google itself, are gratuitous metatags. A “metatag” is shorthand for index terms inserted in the code behind a Web page. In fact, Matt Cutts—one of Google’s wizards—reported in the Google Webmaster Central Blog that Google does not use metatags. Search engine optimization experts have sometimes made a big deal about metatags. Google has pulled the plug on the metatag game. I can speculate about the reasons why, but the fact is that the SEO crowd seems to be in the slaughter pen, herded towards substantive content and well-crafted code. SEO conferences are like multi level marketing conventions. Pretty wild and crazy stuff. My speculation suggests that more constraints will be imposed on the SEO mavens. It is a step long overdue in the addled goose’s opinion. How about an SEO certification program, Mr. Cutts?

Stephen Arnold, September 21, 2009


3 Responses to “SEO Takes Liver Punch from the Google”

  1. Jessica Deal on September 22nd, 2009 5:09 am

    While Google may not recognize the meta tag, I don’t think removing them from your sites is a great idea. While Google has the largest market share, there are still other search engines out there. Just my take.

  2. NewSunNetworks — Blog — SEO Takes Liver Punch from the Google : Beyond Search on September 22nd, 2009 12:34 pm

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