Google Is Winning the Game of Web Search Monopoly

October 2, 2009

Lots of posts flapping in the datasphere about Google’s market share growth. After reading a baker’s dozen of these I concluded that most of the pundits wanted to give the Google a black eye. A good write up is eWeek’s “Microsoft Bing U.S. Search Share Falls, Sparking Google’s Gain”. The numbers are easy to summarize: down below a nine percent Web search share. Google’s share is in the 80 percent range. I think Google’s share is higher, but my sources deny me license to use their names. No problem. Who is going to squabble when a company has a JP Morgan style market share. What’s amazing to me is that Google is getting sued left and right, and the company keeps on expanding its market share. In my opinion, 80 percent is a big chunk of available eyeballs. If Google decides to do whatever it wants and ignores the legal eagles, any action to shut down Google is probably going to annoy some people – a lot.

Stephen Arnold, October 2, 2009


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