Mashable Champions the Google Wave

November 24, 2009

I just read Mashable’s “How Google Wave is Changing the News” by Leah Betancourt. She points out that outfits like the Chicago Tribune are using Google Wave. One interesting comment was:

“That experiment was definitely an eye-opener. My understanding of Wave has always been that it’s a valuable tool for small-team collaboration. So to see it succeed as a larger-scale crowd sourcing tool was unexpected to say the least,” Nystrom [media person] said by email. “People quickly swarmed the wave and provided a ton of really smart insights. Things we had never thought of.” He added that they’ll definitely do more of this and that it’s just a matter of identifying which topics would benefit from collaboration.

She pointed out that users and traditional media are learning about the dips and rolls of Google Wave at the same time as traditional media. Who will be better able to surf on Google? I have seen older surfer dudes, but the youngsters seem to be more abundant.

Stephen Arnold, November 23, 2009

Reporting in that this was a freebie. I think I shall use a Vulcan mind meld to communicate freeness to those charged with monitoring geese at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Counting Wave use cases seems to be their responsibility.


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