Coveo Tallies $8.2 Million in Funding

December 9, 2009

Updated: December 10, 2009: The addled goose is trying to figure out what search vendors are alive and kicking, which are in hibernation, and which are turning out the lights. More information about who is on first in the days ahead.

I saw the Washington Post’s recycling of the TechCrunch story “Enterprise Search Provider Coveo Adds $8.2 Million In Funding”  a few hours ago. I thought only faux bloggers recycled stories. Guess not. Anyway, the main idea is that in a lousy economy, Coveo had sufficient market magnetism to land a big chunk of cash—more than $8 million. With some search vendors gasping for oxygen, Coveo is ready for the search Olympics. For me, the most interesting comment in the write up was:

The company plans to use the extra capital to expand aggressively: it intends to hire an additional 60 employees over the next two years, nearly doubling its current workforce (80+ people around the world).

I just wrote about the apparent crumbling of Mondo, a Danish software vendor and low profile of some other content processing companies. Coveo seems to be managed effectively, confident of its rapport with prospects and customers, and adept in technology. A happy honk to the Coveo team.

Stephen Arnold, December 9, 2009

Oyez, oyez, Coveo promised me a taco next time I am in northern Canada. Not for this goose in hunting season. Ergo, the article is a freebie. Sad honk.


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