Computerworld Does SEO the Holiday Way

December 16, 2009

I enjoy irreverence. This addled goose often practices the art, taken his yoga map to the side of the mine run off pond and stretching amidst the acid fumes in Harrod’s Creek. Unfortunately getting indexed in a search engine is a stress inducer. In fact, if an organization is not in Google, that organization may not exist for some customers and prospects. Not surprisingly, making certain a Web site is Google friendly is important and to some organizations no laughing matter.

If your Web site is an also ran in the Google engine results list when you search for your product or firm, you may enjoy “Ten Tips to Make Sure Your Firm Is Ranked by Search Engines.” The idea is that 10 tips for good SEO are packaged in holiday wrap; for example, “Build new toys” is a token for your firm giving Googzilla money for AdWords in order to promote your Web site.

How useful are these 10 tips? I think more effort was invested in creating the holiday bon most than focusing on specific recommendations to readers. Missing from the list are several tips that, in the goose’s experience, are semi useful in making sure that Googzilla indexes a Web site and generates a results list ranking that does not embarrass.

Here are our tips and no faux holiday cheer is needed for these. The goose lacks the literacy polish of the Computerworld wordsmiths:

  1. Have substantive content that uses concrete words and phrases. Google sucks at poetry, so crunchy words are better than phrases like “Test run on the sleigh”. Google likes the notion of semantic vectors. The goose is not sure about sleighs.
  2. Make certain that the pages you expose to the Googlebot comply with Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Microsoft and Yahoo sort of track Google’s suggestions, and you may want to follow along.
  3. Obtain legitimate backlinks that relate to the content on your site.

In short, read the Computerworld piece for some seasonal joy. For  some pragmatic SEO, follow the goose’s recommendations.

Stephen E. Arnold, December 16, 2009

Oyez, oyez, National Archives. You need to know I was not paid to point out that the deathless prose of Computerworld was created by someone who was paid for the 10 tips. The goose was not paid anything. Which write up do you think should be placed in the National Archives? I vote for the goose’s.


One Response to “Computerworld Does SEO the Holiday Way”

  1. rohn smith on December 16th, 2009 7:28 am

    Hi I agree with you at many ways.But also need to take care of what you are doing ins eo other wise it can banned your site ..

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