Exalead Reports Banner Year

February 5, 2010

Exalead contacted me after reading the posts about Autonomy and Coveo. The essence of the message from the Paris-based, search-enabled-applications company was,

Despite the economic downturn, Exalead continued its growth in 2009 with a worldwide revenue of $22,7M. Software sales grew by almost 20% in France and by 30% in the US, which is a great source of satisfaction to us. We added 50 new references to our global customer base, achieving a 25% growth. (Exalead source)

I followed up and learned that the experienced a strong demand for its professional services revenues. The company is, according to my Exalead source, a leader in “SBA”. This acronym means search-based applications.

Exalead indexes the Google Web logs on the ArnoldIT.com Web site as part of my team’s effort to provide demonstrations of participating vendors’ technology. You can see the Exalead search system with entity extraction and other features at http://overflight.labs.exalead.com/.

Stephen E Arnold, February 4, 2010

No one paid me to write this short item. I will demand that the Exalead CTO provide me with a Diet Pepsi next time I am in Paris. No wine, please. The goose is an alcohol-free zone, avoids paté, and usually steers clear of CDG. I will report this lack of payment to the Department of State. Bring back American fries!


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