Google and Italy: More Hassles

March 17, 2010

Short honk: “Italy Goes after Google over AdSense Payments” revealed that Google has more hassles in Italy. The story in SEO Roundtable pointed out:

Italy is “going after Google for how they pay Italian AdSense publishers.”

The issue is that Google does not provide much detail about how it figures payments. SEO Roundtable noted that there has not been much coverage of this dust up. Interesting? The addled goose’s has noted that his AdSense payments have traditionally drifted down when a quarter is closing. Now there appears to be other concerns about payment predictability. Could the effectiveness of online ads been decreasing and Google is just a barometer of the economic downturn? Could an algorithm be stumbling? No solid information at this time.

Stephen E Arnold, March 16, 2010

No one paid me to write this. Since it is an international post, I will report non payment to the Department of State.


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