SAS Text Analytics and Teragram

May 28, 2010

I received a call about Teragram, the text processing company that SAS acquired a couple of years ago. I did a quick Overflight check and realized that I had not documented the absorption of Teragram into SAS. Teragram’s technology is alive and well, but the SAS positioning is for content processing to be a component of SAS Text Analytics. The product and solution has its own subsite within You can locate the details at

Another important point is that SAS Text Analytics includes four components. There is the SAS Enterprise Content Categorization function. The system parses content and identifies entities. Metadata are created along with category rules.

The second function is SAS Sentiment Analysis. A number of companies are competing in this sector. The SAS approach sucks in emails, tweets, and other documents. The system identifies various subjective shades in the source content.

SAS Text Miner now includes both text and data mining operations. The system is not one of those Web 2.0, “it is really easy” solutions. The system is easy to use, but to put “easy” in context, you will need programming and statistical savvy along with solid data set building skills.

The SAS Ontology Management solution provides a centralized method for keeping index terms and metatags consistent. Sounds easy, but this type of consistency is the difference between useful and useless information. SharePoint lacks this type of functionality. You have been given a gentle reminder about consistent tagging, dear SharePoint user.

SAS has a blog focused on text analytics. You can read “The Text Frontier” but last time I checked, the blog’s most recent update was posted in March 2010.

Bottomline: Teragram is alive and well, just part of SAS Text Analytics.

Stephen E Arnold, May 28, 2010



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