Google, Microsoft: Digital Hatfields and McCoys

June 15, 2010

I live in Kentucky. At various meetings I have picked up some unsubstantiated observations about the shooting war between the Hatfields and McCoys. One problem, as I understood it, was that it was difficult for an outsider to figure out who was a Hatfield and who was a McCoy. Glance at this image. Who is a nefarious Hatfield? Who is an evil McCoy? I couldn’t figure it out either and on a cloudy day, my thought is to avoid both of these interesting families.



When I read “Google, Bing Ranking Practices ‘Remarkably Similar’ under Hood”, I learned that

Google and Bing are remarkably similar — building two different sites/pages to separately target the two engines would appear to be a waste of energy,” Fishkin wrote in the conclusion of his related blog post. He added that “Bing seems to be moving much closer to Google over time.”

No big surprise to me.

Stephen E Arnold, June 15, 2010



One Response to “Google, Microsoft: Digital Hatfields and McCoys”

  1. pjsjerry on June 15th, 2010 1:05 pm

    The dog is the real McCoy. Dogs are always the real McCoy.

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