Configure a Personalized Search System Using APIs

October 14, 2010

When picking a search system users prefer simple systems that deliver quick yet informative results. Lucid Imagination has released LucidWorks Enterprise, an API based search platform. ReadWrite Enterprise’s article “Lucid Imagination: Building Your Own Search with a Set of APIs” introduces this new program to the world. The LucidWork Enterprise program is configured using the open source Apache/Solr/Lucene platform. LucidWorks Enterprise gives customers the ability to integrate APIs into the existing Solr/Lucene platform. “Customers can build their applications based upon a common admin console where data can be added and search features tuned depending on the needs of their users. System tasks such as the setup or modification of the application can be configured directly through the API. Intelligent scoring features as new information alerts, and system feedback are a few convenient benefits users can enjoy. Quality search technologies integrated into applications is vital, especially with the large amounts of data currently available. The flexibility and user friendly open source API search setups help users get the job done right.

Stephen E Arnold, October 14, 2010



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