Sinequa Harvests Crédit Agricole

October 25, 2010

In January 2010, I reported that Polyspot, a French search and content processing company, landed the Crédit Agricole account. My information source was Communauté Finance Opérationnelle, a publication which most Americans read avidly. I received a news item from the SFGate online publication. What caught my attention was the headline: “Crédit Agricole Deploys Sinequa Business Search for a 360 Degree Customer View.” According to the write up:

To tame its information complexity, the bank deployed Sinequa Business Search: an all-in-one solution for information access that includes customizable enterprise search and search-based applications. Designed specifically for understanding business context, Sinequa navigates and synthesizes information from structured applications, unstructured and social content, and people data to discover hidden correlations for more relevant answers, improving and accelerating the information chain from ask to act. During an initial pilot in the bank’s Atlantique Vendée division, Sinequa was deployed in less than three months. Through the efficiency of Sinequa’s all-in-one solution, the division was able to realize its full ROI in only a month and consolidate five data centers into a single, green data center.

Polyspot seems to have a bedfellow or Polyspot is now sleeping on the floor. I found the reference to “360 Degree Customer View” interesting. I thought it echoed the Exalead phraseology, but I may be mistaken. For more information about Sinequa, visit the firm’s Web site at

Stephen E Arnold, October 24, 2010



One Response to “Sinequa Harvests Crédit Agricole”

  1. Olivier Lefassy on November 24th, 2010 2:14 pm

    Hi Stephen, as mentioned in CFO News PolySpot has been deployed on the Global Information Portal of Credit Agricole and has been meeting growing satisfaction so far. There is no connexion with the project mentioned above. Large accounts has many departments, different needs and often adopt various solutions. Best Olivier

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