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October 26, 2010

The azurini have moved from search to some fuzzy wuzzy world of marketing management. No big surprise. Most consultants, like wolves, follow the old and lame animals. Predators do their thing. Azurini think up crazy marketing phrases to make predation palatable. That’s a second and third tier consultant for you: wordsmithing sales poet.

There are some interesting developments in search. At a locked down conference on October 13, 2010, I was reminded about Riak Search. Here’s a synopsis:

Riak Search is a distributed, easily-scalable, failure-tolerant, real-time, full-text search engine built around Riak Core and tightly integrated with Riak KV. Riak Search allows you to find and retrieve your Riak objects using the objects’ values. When a Riak KV bucket has been enabled for Search integration (by installing the Search pre-commit hook), any objects stored in that bucket are also indexed seamlessly in Riak Search. The Riak Client API can then be used to perform Search queries that return a list of bucket/key pairs matching the query. Alternatively, the query results can be used as the input to a Riak map/reduce operation. Currently the PHP, Python, Ruby, and Erlang APIs support integration with Riak Search.

What’s the jargon mean? Another scalable open source search system. You can download the system and then use the useful “sample data” to exercise the system.

The company responsible for the Riak search engine is Basho. In January 2008, Basho Technologies, Inc. was founded by a group of former Akamai Technologies, Inc. engineers.  Basho produces Riak, a distributed data store that combines high availability, easily-scalable capacity and throughput, and ease of use. Riak’s complete availability means that applications built using Riak remain both read- and write-available under almost any operational conditions and without requiring intervention.  Available in both an open source and a paid commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented read- and write-availability to Web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

You can get more information at www.basho.com. “Basho” is a haiku poet, but I am not sure if this is the association the company intended. What’s poetic is that Riak is another interesting search solution that uses Google-like technology. I could not locate pricing data.

Stephen E Arnold, October 26, 2010



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