Endeca Extends Latitude

October 29, 2010

Imagine scaling Mt. Everest without having the training to do so. In workplaces, we can really achieve such a feat by acquiring greater agility in operations and decision-making, using the Endeca latitude BI tools with zero training. This positive news comes from the BusinessWire.com article “Endeca latitude Delivers First Hybrid Search-Analytical Database for Business Intelligence,” which informs how Endeca’s “hybrid search-analytical database enables IT organizations to deliver solutions with consumer ease-of-use on the diverse and changing information.”

Using innovative technology Endeca Latitude brings together all structured and unstructured information, and easily explores the data making on-the-fly information discovery. This helps the untrained user get answers to unanticipated questions, which ultimately lead to better outcomes. “A single discovery application built with Endeca Latitude can take the place of hundreds of traditional reports,” states the article. We remember such application had been on-the-cards years ago, and high time it gets the push now to help employees take better decisions, give their company the agility edge, and save money.

The question in Harrod’s Creek is, “Can a company with roots in ecommerce and search compete with established business intelligence products and services from old timers like Cognos and SAS and newcomers like Megaputer and Digital Reasoning?” We don’t have an answer, but the marketplace will.

Harleena Singh, October 29, 2010


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