Business Intelligence Bubbling

December 8, 2010

Open Source Business Intelligence: What Are Your Options?” investigates the momentum of OSBI in recent years.  In the words of Joe Nicholson, marketing VP at Pentaho, “The biggest trend we see is the rapidly increasing adoption of OSBI as a means to provide critical reports, dashboards and analysis to business users at far less costs than the traditional, proprietary BI solutions”.  It appears the interest in OSBI has been on the rise for quite some time, though what this will mean for consumers remains unclear.

What we are seeing is a good deal of posturing from the leaders in the field. With companies like Jaspersoft, SpagoBI and the aforementioned Pentaho, which claims it saves clients $1.5 million in fees over a three year span, clamoring for a spot at the head of the queue speculation on the future of the OSBI market is dramatic.  Aside from lowering costs, the idea of tapping into innovations spawned from the OS community itself has taken root, which according to Nicholson translates to more than six million downloads, upwards of eight thousand active projects and more than twelve hundred commercial customers.

Currently the community versions are available in a free downloadable format though they lack certain administrative and security functions, in addition to diminished ability to connect to prime data outlets. One still has to pay for premium access.

Sarah Rogers, December 8, 2010


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