Goggle Mini Wave Washes Ashore

December 19, 2010

Short honk: The Wave thing is at Apache. The developer is at Facebook. The Google is back with a mini Wave called Shared Spaces. You can get the basics in “Google Has a New Social Experiment”. Begin your exploration at this link. The comments on this Google page are interesting. My view is that the real deal is dataspaces, a Google research effort that is bigger and bolder. I wrote about dataspaces for Sue Feldman a year or so ago. I also put some information in my Gilbane monograph named after this Web log. No one, as far as I know, cared much. Probably not a great idea in my opinion. I don’t know about shared spaces, but the dataspaces effort is a big deal and involves some of the Math Club’s top pranksters.

Stephen E Arnold, December 19, 2010



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