The Arianna Model of Husqvarna Buzz Saw

April 5, 2011

I have never met Arianna Huffington. Here in Harrod’s Creek, media luminaries rarely visit. Since the death of Barry Bingham, even the big media moguls who turned up for one of Barry’s lunches at Melcombe don’t light up my radar. That’s okay. I like to watch New York media deal with what I call the Arianna buzz saw. A few weeks ago I pointed out that the Googler running AOL was going to have his hands full. Now I want to suggest that outfits like Forbes, which cut back on its in house library, may want to put on Kevlar jockey shorts. Bzzzzz. That’s the sound of the Arianna buzz saw chopping through some big media foliage.

This, gentle reader, is one of the more accurate depictions of Arianna Huffington. Ready for some chopping down to size?

Here’s a statement in “AOL Defector Blasts ‘Content Farming’ and ‘SEO Spam’” I found interesting and useful in understanding why the buzz saw is likely to chop through the deadwood in revenue, management, and New York tradition:

Huffington, since coming aboard, has made it clear the AOL Way is no longer the blueprint, but then her site has long engaged in its own forms of search-baiting and page view juicing.

I like that “page view juicing.” Maybe I will slip it into my next SEO sucks talk? Bzzzzzz. Ouch! Some one just suffered an amputation. Bzzzzzz. Ouch! Another one. Journalistic sequoias may become recreation room flooring.

Stephen E Arnold, April 4, 2011

Freebie unlike a year’s subscription to Forbes. Where did the founder’s big honkin’ Harley go?


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