Google and Its New Management Method: Employee Attrition

April 6, 2011

Years ago the interesting White House advisor made a remark about how to get employees’ hearts and minds to align. The method did not use money. Money, according to silly management chestnuts, does not by itself work. I read Google Said To Have High Level Mole At Twitter, Makes Massive Counteroffers To Retain Employees with interest. I thought, “Ah, the new management approach at Google is to pay employees to stay at work, to be loyal.” What does a 66 year old in Harrod’s Creek know? Not much.

Here’s the passage in the write up, which I liked, that caught my attention:

There’s lots to say about the statement Google is making with these counteroffers. “Don’t mess with us,” comes to mind. As well as “If you’re a Google employee and you aren’t out interviewing at Facebook, Twitter or Zynga you are a moron.” Regardless, the fact that large fortunes are being handed out to mid level technical managers is somewhat of a red flag in general. That kind of money is usually reserved for founders of companies that make it to IPO. Actually, most IPO founders make substantially less than that. What’s more fascinating is this. In at least one of the cases Google is said to have made a counteroffer before the employee even told Google they were considering an offer from Twitter.

The question is, “Why are employees leaving?” Money does not solve such challenges as those outlined by that silly old goose Peter Drucker. Don’t believe me? No problem. Throwing money at  a problem is a symptom found in various government agencies, and we know how well that works.

Stephen E Arnold, April 6, 2011



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