As Search and Analytics Merge: Visualizations Surge

May 7, 2011

“6 Great Data Visualization Applications” provides some interesting screen shots and links to exemplary graphical presentations of result sets. The drivers for visualization are MBAs looking to add sizzle to their otherwise narcotized PowerPoints and big data. When running a query against petabytes of data, a laundry list is essentially useless. With top results distorted by spam and SEO machinations, I find it difficult to pinpoint what I need to answer a question. I find myself falling back on traditional research methods such as notecards, looking up information in books (printed and digital), and talking to people who allegedly know their stuff.

Assume you want some snappy visualizations. The article from Techlozenge will help you out. You get a screen shot and a brief description of six tools. These include:

Of this group, I found the Newsmap and Google Chart Tools links the most useful. You may want to take a look at these examples. Keep in mind that these are not industrial strength toolsets like those provided with Palantir and Digital Reasoning. The idea is to provide some examples.

Stephen E Arnold, May 7, 2011



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