OpenText to Unify Data with an Integration Center

June 24, 2011

I am easily confused. I thought OpenText’s original SGML data management system performed integration. Guess not.

In “Content Integration Software unifies data across enterprise,” ThomasNet News serves up welcome news from OpenText about its latest product, Integration Center. Ah, unification; such a lovely concept. We learned:

Most integration technologies focus on either structured data in databases or content in document repositories, but not both. Now with OpenText Integration Center, which inherently understands both structured data and unstructured content, customers can give business decision makers easy access to corporate information assets through ECM Suite 2010.

Being able to go to one source for all its data would certainly be a boon for most companies, saving both time and money. It could unlock the value of data that has been sitting dormant because wrangling it was not deemed worth the effort.

OpenText also boasts about several other advantages of its software. For example, simplified content migration and data archiving and, consequently, the ability to decommission legacy systems.

Yay, efficiency! It also integrates diverse systems, from data warehouses to content management.

The company has been helping clients manage their data for a couple of decades now, and does so around the globe.

Cynthia Murrell June 23, 2011

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